Two cultures

July 4 2019, Salone de’ Cinquecento, Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze

Jim Issler

CEO HH Brown
Presidente of FACE,
Fashion Association Charity Event

Jonnie Jiang

Internationally Acclaimed Entertainer


On July 1, 2017, world-renowned singer-songwriter Jonnie Jiang traveled to Florence, Italy to attend the wedding celebration of a close friend at the Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Gondi. During his visit to the romantic, picturesque city, he was intrigued and amazed by the history and beauty of Florence, and its considerable influence on the civilization and advancement of the western world.

The wedding’s groom, Jonnie’s good friend Jim Issler, is the founder of the Fashion Association Charity Event, an organization focused on helping China’s needy that Jonnie has avidly supported for the past decade. Inspired during the wedding celebration, officiated by Florence’s beloved mayor Dario Nardella, Jonnie told the mayor he would gladly perform a benefit concert to raise money for needy children in Tuscany and Florence, gratis. Since the metropolitan area of Florence and Prato is home to one of the largest populations of Asian people in Europe, the mayor thought that Jonnie’s idea could truly be a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for the Meyer Children’s Hospital in Florence.